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I-54 Kids 2024 Kids Camp! We are excited this year to have summer camp with I-54 Kids campers! This year we are having camp at Twin Lakes Camp ground in Woodworth, Louisiana July 30-August 2 for campers ages 8-12 years old. It is a great time for the kids to connect to God together!WHERE: Twin Lakes Camp ground in Woodworth, Louisiana.


DETAILS: Kids camp is for students who are 8 to 12 years old. The cost for Camp is $250, which includes camp fee, meals at the camp, and a camp t-shirt. Students will need to bring extra money if they'd like the purchase snacks at the canteen. 


​REGISTRATION: Registering for Kids Camp secures your spot to go to camp with I-54 Kids Children's Ministry. The cost is $50 to register. The total cost per camper is $250. All funds must be paid in full by July 7, 2024.


*Any outstanding balance(s) or accounts not paid in full as of July 7, 2024 will be charged a $25 late fee per camper.


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